27  2020

Hand antibacterial liquid

16  2020

Virus Blocker - a small badge that disinfects the surrounding air.

20  2017

Specially for our partners, we have designed and produced a unique product – protective nanocoating for car glass presented in sachetes.

22  2016

In August 2016 company finished R&D of seven new solutions for gun care.

23  2015

New Nanosintez product – solution for gun bluing (blacking).

16  2015

In autumn 2015 Nanosintez took part in two international events: St.PIIF and Slush 2015.

15  2015

New product based on natural compounds - unique organo-mineral fretilizer. 50-80% yield gain! 0,5 litre per 1 hectare!

9  2014

Developed a material based on the single-stage silicone polymers, wich has a number of advantages in the fabrication of removable dentures.

14  2014

Company Nanosintez continues to develop the multifunctional coatings for different surfaces.

25  2013

We represent to our partners retail packing for the product car glass coating - kit Formula PRO.