Innovative organic fertilizer

15  2015

«Ecofors» is a number of innovative liquid organo-mineral, high concentrated fertilizers based on the lake sapropel. "Ecofors" is intended not only for plants development, "Ecofors" also restores and improves soil. «Ecofors» is a fast-acting and effective multifunctional fertilizer.


Related to the environment:

  • does not contain chemicals and harmful substances;
  • without weed seeds, pests or infection pathogens;
  • clears the soil from heavy metals, herbicides and other chemical contaminants.

Economic ones:

  • 50-80% yield gain;
  • reducing crop losses due to the unfavorable weather conditions (drought, frost, etc.);
  • reduces the level of mineral fertilizers application (by 60%);
  • increases the term of preservation of products.

Technical ones:

  • can be used together with mineral fertilizers and plant protection products; 
  • provides plants with all necessary balanced macro- and micro-elements; 
  • improves the quality and flavor properties of the products; 
  • sapropel improves agrochemical properties of the soil, its composition and aeration.


Optimal dose in use - 0, 5 litre per 1 hectare!

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