New product - Virus Blocker!

16  2020

Virus Blocker - a small badge that disinfects the surrounding air.

The active component of the Virus Blocker destroys viruses and bacteria within a 1 meter radius  around the human.

Feel protected

Virus Blocker is recommended to be used in crowded places where there is a high risk of infection.

 - On public transport (train, plane or taxi)


- At work and when communicating with people

- In schools or universities

- At restaurants

- In hospitals and clinics

- When communicating with sick people


Convenient for everyday use 

Virus Blocker - a small badge measuring 10x5  cm

- You can hang it around the neck

- Attached to clothes

- Attached on a bag

- Place on a table

- Affix in the car



- Remove the perforated cartridge

The substance is in a cartridge (paper envelope) that needs to be retrieved from the airtight packaging

- Place the cartridge into the badge

A badge with a clip is included in the envelope

- Clip on your clothes

Avoid long term direct contact or rubbing with your skin

- In 30 days, change the cartridge


How it works:

Chlorine dioxide is widely used in industry, home, agriculture and medicine as an effective disinfectant. The product is activated from interaction with air after opening aluminum packaging. chlorine dioxide destroys molecules of viruses, fungi, mold, odors in the air.

The Corona Blocker Virus is safe for public health. It does not release free chlorine and does not cause toxic symptoms in the human body.



Kills over 90% of  viruses and bacteria!

Studies show a 90% reduction in viral activity in less than 30 minutes