«Nanosintez» is an organization combining fundamental achievements in the sphere of science and technology with long experience in business dealing and market flexibility of a modern business company.
High scientific and research potential and manufacturing resources allow us to create and introduce innovative products and technologies in different areas and branches, such as industry, building, medicine, electronics, commodity production.

We advance together with our customers, helping every client to determine innovative future of their business or branch. Our partners become direct participants of new developments and determine unique properties and characteristics of new products and materials themselves.

Main purpose of the company is satisfaction of growing demand in resource-saving innovative technologies and unique materials in Russia and abroad.

Directions of activities:

  • Developing, producing and introducing new high tech production;
  • Market exploration and satisfaction of growing demand in innovative production in Russia and abroad;
  • Developing energy-efficient and resource-saving technologies;
  • Commercialization of research-and-development and achievements of Russian scientists;
  • Launch of high tech start-ups and investment activity.