Nanosintez R&D company receives orders on fulfilling research and development activities according to the individual customer requests.

Creation of new materials or substances with the determined set of physicochemical properties or attribute characteristics.

Basic steps of the R&D:

  • Analysis of available products on market;
  • Technical report preparation on research activities, technical documentation and literature review, determination of goals and objects of R&D;
  • Development of innovative products according to the technical request, creation of prototype;
  • Delivering of “know-how” and patent documentation preparation. 

Organization of industrial process :

  • Production scaling, estimation of the necessary operating equipment, determination of technical parameters;
  • Contractors` selection on finished product creation, debugging of industrial process;
  • Supply of raw materials and expendable materials.


It is also possible to proceed to the next stage that is presentation of the innovative products on Russian and foreign markets.

Main directions of company specialization in the R&D sphere and production scaling:

  • Unique protective coatings, water repellent, oleophobic and anticorrosion compounds, oils and fats as car care products, construction material protection, products for textile industry, resource-saving materials for mineral oil- and gas-mining and processing industry, metal working;
  • Household chemicals – innovative protective and cleaning agents for home use;
  • Varnish-and-paint production – staining agents with unique properties and qualitative characteristics, staining agent modifiers;
  • Polymeric films;
  • Chemical reagents, organic synthesis.