Protective nanocoating for glass


Protective nanocoating for glass is an invisible film, which gives to surface dirt- and water-resistant properties. Treated surface has “lotus effect”: water, getting on the treated part of material, aggregates into drops of practically ideal spherical shape, which easily slide down from the surface, removing dirt and dust particles.



It’s used to keep windows and glass faces of building clean. Protective nanocoatings allow reducing amount of contamination, frequency of glass washing, and it also helps to reduce detergents consumption. The coating is indispensable when driving in the wet weather: convenient, safe, efficient.


Charasteristic features:

  • prevents glass contamination;
  • simplifies snow and ice crust removal from treated glass;
  • chafing resistant;
  • doesn’t change light transmittance and reflection;
  • long lifetime.

Window panes, automobile glass, glass advertising constructions.

Application domain:

Window panes, automobile glass, glass advertising constructions.

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