Protective nanocoating for stone

Protective nanocoating for textile envelopes its fibers, giving unique properties to the surface. Fabric doesn’t get wet and is easily cleaned.


Moisture sinks into stone, at low temperatures water accumulated inside starts to dilate, destroying material. Protective nanocoating is used to prevent this process. It’s especially suitable for protection of building and finishing materials, used in places with humidity, temperature oscillations. The coating is notable for high efficiency.


Charasteristic features:

  • provides effective protect from destructive effect of water;
  • after drying there is no oily film effect, the coating is colorless;
  • gives material frost and corrosion resistance;
  • impedes contamination of the surface;
  • prevents bloom;impedes fungosity on the surface;
  • has thermal-insulating properties;long lifetime (up to 10 years).


Application domain:

Surfaces made of brick, concrete, stone, ceramic and paving tile, granite, ceramic granite.

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