Vehicles as an integral part of modern world are to the utmost exposed to modernization. Our company has innovative offers for transport producers as well as car owners.

Extreme environmental conditions make protective nanocoatings application in building sphere very suitable. High humidity, temperature drops, exposure to chemicals and exhausts lead to quick wearability and destruction of buildings and constructions.

Introduction of innovative technologies even now allows modernization of production, reducing expenses for its maintenance and extending lifetime of expensive equipment and infrastructure, allows easily overcoming intractable natural and technological problems.

Household chemistry market is one of the most promising spheres of introduction for products developed on basis of nanotechnologies. Usage of latest developments on basis of nanotechnologies in everyday life is becoming real even now. 


The relevance of nanotechnology in developing medicine is hard to be overestimated. Recently nanomedicine and biotechnologies is in a high gear of expanding and these fields drew general attention by not just scientific achievements but also by its social importance.

The usage of nanotechnologies in electronics makes it possible to reduce significantly the level of the elements in use and equip them with new and unique aspects and functions, create revolutionary devices and materials. By using our developments in this field a lot of tasks are soon to be completed.