Household chemistry

Household chemistry market is one of the most promising spheres of introduction for products developed on basis of nanotechnologies. Usage of latest developments on basis of nanotechnologies in everyday life is becoming real even now. 


Protective coatings for home


Protective nanocoatings for home and kitchen are potentially one of the most popular products for final consumers.

Protective coatings appliance allows keeping surfaces clean for long time periods, which gives substantial saving of detergents, increases lifetime of furniture and home decorations and significantly reduces time for cleaning




Protective coatings for leather and textile

Protective nanocoatings for leather and textile already have widespread application as shoe care products. In wintertime shoes are exposed to aggressive action of environment in a greater degree. Frost, snow, chemicals and salt destroy and spoil appearance of chamois and leather items. «Nanosintez» coatings provide cleanness and protection for shoes.

Protective coatings are suitable for protection of clothes used in extreme conditions and in everyday life.





Protective nanocoatings aren’t a novelty in professional environment of cleaning service. This segment isn’t well-developed yet, but it, nevertheless, has great potential.

Introducing of nanocoatings will allow new approach to business-centers, hotels and restaurants cleaning. Advantages are obvious: it’s a new service for cleaning companies and constantly perfect look of premises for their clients.