Introduction of innovative technologies even now allows modernization of production, reducing expenses for its maintenance and extending lifetime of expensive equipment and infrastructure, allows easily overcoming intractable natural and technological problems.


Anti-icing nanocoatings impede formation of large masses of ice crust on house walls, roofs, electricity cables and equipment, operating at low temperatures. The coating prevents breakdowns on high-voltage power lines associated with icing of electricity cables.


«Nanosintez» is developing anti-corrosion coatings with unique properties and characteristics, providing protection of ironworks and equipment from destructive effect of moisture and corrosion. There are also being developed new coatings for protection from sulfurated-hydrogen and carbon dioxide corrosion in oil and gas industry.


Introduction of protective coatings in production of materials

Improvement of final product operational properties is the main aim of every manufacturer. Additives, which give unique properties to building and finishing materials, are introduced to the production process of concrete, chipboard, paints, textile and leather, etc.