Protective nanocoating for wood

Protective nanocoating for wood forms protective film at molecular level, impeding moisture and dirt penetration, preventing rot and destruction of wood.


Different constructions made of wood often need additional preservative treatment for the avoidance of destructive effect of environment, particularly atmospherical condensation. Special protective nanocoating is used to protect wood from damp, erosion, contamination and to deal with icing. It not only increases lifetime of treated surface, but also improves thermal-insulating properties of the material and impedes mold formation.


Charasteristic features:

  • impedes damp, erosion, crack formation;
  • prevents fungus and mold formation;
  • impedes different types of contamination;
  • protects from exposure to ultraviolet light rays;
  • doesn’t change appearance, preserves surface texture;
  • doesn’t impede air penetration;
  • long lifetime.

Application domain:

Wood building materials and constructions

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