Extreme environmental conditions make protective nanocoatings application in building sphere very suitable. High humidity, temperature drops, exposure to chemicals and exhausts lead to quick wearability and destruction of buildings and constructions.


Nanocoating is a modern mean to protect glass, concrete, stone and wooden buildings. Exterior surfaces treatment protects from moisture and dirt, gives thermal-insulating properties to materials, impedes destruction, provides anti-graffiti and anti-vandal protection, prevents biodeterioration.


Protection of historical and architectural monuments

Protective nanocoatings play special role in reconstruction and maintenance of historical and architectural monuments.

Usage of «Nanosintez» coatings helps to solve the problem of protecting faces of buildings from destruction and contamination for a long period of time.



Housing and public utilities

Introduction of protective nanocoatings in state enterprises allows saving budgetary funds, as well as solving specific problems – protecting roofs from icing.